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alcoholism rehab drug addiction rehab
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Actually, your loved-one can’t afford to keep drinking and using.   Think about how much he spends on drugs and alcohol each week.   Then multiply that number by 52.   How much did his last binge cost?   Did that include legal expenses, auto damage, medical bills, missed time at work, and the long-term psychological damage he did and is doing to his family?   He might consider those costs to be a “one-time events”.

But these costs are probably part of a trend.   And without recovery, the trend only gets worst.   How much money did he make last year?   How much could he have made if he was clean and sober?   How much does he have left?   You might consider the possibility that he might not have a money problem, he might actually have a drinking and using problem.

Although recovery is expensive, recovery costs 100 times less that the costs your and your-loved-one will incur if your loved-one continues a life of addiction and alcoholism.   Saving a life is worth the cost of recovery, especially if it is your loved-ones life!

We accept checks, cash, all major credit cards, and installment payments.

alcoholism rehab drug addiction rehab
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To pay by credit card, click on the “Pay Now” button below and a secure window will open.   Enter the program name we discussed when we spoke on the phone (615-270-8970 ) in the “enter description” text box on the left.   Then enter the fee we discussed as the “item price” in the text box.   Then complete your credit card info on the pages that follow.   It takes just a few minutes.

To help you feel fully protected, we use the secure site of a brand name, independent credit card processing firm.   We pay all credit card processing fee charges.   We will receive payment but we do not see any of your personal information.   Your payment confirms your acceptance of our terms and conditions and our no refund policy.   This will reserve your space at our center.   A receipt will be sent to the email address you enter in the form.

There is a Monthly Payment Plan

[photo-vsDeer]A third party firm, has agreed to provide financing for our clients and/or the friends and relatives of our clients subject to their approval of your application.   This third party financial firm specializes in financing payments to doctors, clinics, hospitals, and treatment facilities.   They specialize in compassionate finance structures, especially for those seeking to better their lives through enrollment in residential recovery programs.   For information about this payment option, call Don or Joanne at: 888-474-6231.   They will either take your application over the phone or send you a link to a formal application.   If you complete the on-line appliaction, your results usually appear on your screen within 60 seconds of applying.

Some of the information in your application may need to be confirmed and your funds should be available in about a week.   If you want to send your loved one to our facility prior to that, we will accept a down payment that we will refund to you when your funds are available and you send them to us.   The third party line of credit firm has made the deliberate choice based on current Federal regulations to set this up as a revolving line a credit similar to a credit card.   For some reason, this has a smaller regulatory burden (and lower cost) than an old fashion installment loan.   You actually receive a credit card as a part of this process to make your payment.

There is no cost or fee to apply and no cost or fee if you apply and are accepted but you decide not to use this credit line.

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